Front End Product Manager


Retention Marketing

Reports to: HOD

Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • Optimize mobile, desktop and tablet front ends to ensure highest UI/UX experience and flow in terms or customer registration funnel, conversion, and retention.
  • Mobile, Desktop and tablet sites render according to industry leading practices in terms of site speeds and responsiveness.
  • Perform competitor research in target markets to ensure we present a leading front-end product.
  • Raise Product changes or advancements that will add value to player experience and operation revenue
    Brief new product and product change requests into Creative Team for design screens to be mocked by assessing current context and providing clear direction and action points to meet objectives and then workshopping the resulting mocks.
  • Work closely with the Dev and design teams (or Max Create) to provide briefs with clear directive, signed off design screen mocks and timelines.
  • Track project at the various delivery stages to ensure product brief is being carried out as envisioned (Trello / Morning stand-ups / First review / Second review / Final review)
  • Give final sign off on Product Additions/Changes before going live
  • Work closely with Project Director to ensure goals and deliverables are understood and being met at a high standard, attend to incidental changes/curveballs and confirm that production meets vision.
  • Follow internal processes from start to finish, ensuring product is meeting required levels of delivery.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to define the product strategy, oversee the roadmap and milestones, prioritising based on overall business impact and customer needs.
  • Fine-tune the user experience across mobile, desktop, and tablet platforms, focusing on customer registration, conversion, and retention.
  • Ensure platforms adhere to leading industry practices in terms of speed and responsiveness.
  • Regularly analyse competitors and industry trends to stay ahead.
  • Collaborate with UX/UI designers to maintain high standards of product usability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Relay product changes or advancements that enhance player experience and improve operational revenue.
  • Brief the Creative Team on new product or change requests, providing clear direction and action points and reviewing mock-ups to meet objectives.
  • Oversee the entire product development process, working with both internal and external development teams, from briefing to final sign-off, to ensure products align with the original vision.
  • Partner with development teams to ensure timely delivery of products and features.
  • Actively track product projects through various stages of delivery, using tools like Trello, and participating in morning stand-ups and development reviews.
  • Collaborate closely with the Project Director to ensure all goals and deliverables are understood and being met to the highest standard, while adapting to any project changes.
  • Provide final approval on product additions or modifications before they go live.
  • Adhere to established internal procedures from inception to completion, ensuring that the product meets the desired quality standards.



  • Relevant experience and proven track record of technical knowledge.
  • Relevant qualifications

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